Redwood's got proper content history. We've been doing this since before Mr 1 and Mrs 0 created Baby Internet. 1983 specifically.

Client referral
Bill Gordon - Mazda
Sara Cremer

Sara Cremer Chief Executive Officer

loves ponies, Redwood people and the Christmas Party

What do you do at Redwood?
As CEO I, a) marvel at the brilliance, commitment and creativity of the Redwood team b) form rewarding and interesting relationships with our very lovely clients and c) take my turn making the tea

What did you do before working at Redwood?
I was a glossy magazine editor (the magazines were glossy, not me)

What do you do when you’re not working at Redwood?
I am usually covered in mud and smell of horses

What are you proudest of from your time at Redwood so far?
The people, the people, the people

One more thing… what book are you reading right now (be honest)?
‘If Only They Didn’t Speak English’ by Jon Sopel and ‘Mr Darley’s Arabian’ by Christopher McGrath
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